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This is just an inspired message..., but what actually can we do about it? Go to Ecozonic Green Brainstorming and get involved!


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He did his part...we, the Ecozonic team did our part. Now it is your turn! Click on Ecozonic Green Brainstorming and let us see what you can do! Remember if you come, contribute! If not, JUST stay out of this! It's the time to act now! Do you want to help?


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Yes, ouch,it hurts indeed! ! If every hair he lost could be a seed to grow a tree....but if not, we can find alternative solutions.
That’s why was created Ecozonic Green Brainstorming , to express your alternative solution !



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The video was made in China, the world's largest car market with over 500 million vehicles on the road, according to the China's Ministry of Commerce. Now which should be  the next country to follow this example? Take a guess...
But just expressing this idea by doing this pedestrian crossing won’t be enough. There is a need for more than that, pushing our efforts beyond limits to achieve a result indeed.
Go to Ecozonic Green Brainstorming and share your effort!

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